American Heros

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American Heroes

Every American patriot since before the founding of this nation has known that freedom comes at a very high price. For over two-hundred and fifty years patriots have lived and died protecting our freedom. Freedom is expensive. Freedom requires every person to decide their willingness to live free. People in China figure it is better to live in tyranny than to die for freedom. They’re dying any way. The people of Australia gave up their guns and their freedom. During the pandemic they were not allowed out of their homes. They had to have permission to go outside. One of the greatest symbols of defiance in America was the lone surfer in Los Angeles. He was by himself in the largest ocean on earth. And they arrested him.

The next released pandemic could have a high lethal mortality rate. Why do we condone bio-weapons? Why do we have them? Are the bio-weapons meant to deter foreign governments or to control the people? As long as people have more fear of the government than they have a desire to live in freedom, then they will never be free. Either we change the way Washington governs, or we live under increasingly forced regulations and fear. You have to choose how you want to live. In this new America are we expected to sit back and accept the edicts of the government? Living under millions of laws, rules and regulations is not living free. The Octogenarian Regimes have to end. Pelosi and Biden need to pay for their crimes against America.

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