IDIOCRACIES (backup copy)

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“IDIOCRACIES” (backup copy)

The fool says in his heart that there is no God. Governments believe that we should be ruled by science and secular humanism, devoid of God. House leaders make a great show of getting down on their knee to pray to God. It seems incongruent for our leaders to push agendas devoid of God and yet claim a personal relationship with God. Our nation proclaims, “National Days of Prayer,” yet look at what is happening in our country. We live in a disjointed society.

People are ruled by governments. Governments are ruled by specialized self-interests. Who’s self-interest? Well, whoever has the most money and power makes the rules. It no longer appears that our country is being directed by the overshadowing guiding light of wisdom from God. We appear to be becoming a country ruled by forces completely devoid of God. Yet, there is still a vast majority of people in this country who continue to believe, trust and love God.

If you ain’t dead, then do you care about your beliefs? So… If you care about what you believe, then why not shout it out loud? If you’re dead, then who cares? If no one cares, then what difference does it matter what you say? “Believe what you say and say what you believe.” Stand up and shout it from the rooftops.

The Bible says something about the world globalist elitists are going to wipe out two-thirds of everything that walks, crawls or flies on the earth and swims in the oceans. So if we are all going to die sooner rather than later, then why not say what you really want to say while you’re still able to say it? Stand up and make your voice heard from the rooftops to the ends of the earth. If you love God, then shout it out loud and proud. It is our time for our voices to be heard.

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